21 December, 2009

How to Be Irrational

An interesting article from Daily Kos on winning an argument. The author posits that the best strategy is to first understand the opponent's arguments and counter accordingly. Seems obvious? Apparently not for those screaming talking heads found primarily on Fox News and other cable poltical shows. Thoughtful discourse is a relic of the past. Howling like a banshee and vile, baseless attacks now rule the airwaves. Will our descendents look back on our time with disdain like we do the Dark Ages? Will our great grandchildren pity our narrowmindedness and hate? Will they lament our squandered opportunities to create an open, honest society, safeguarded by the First Amendment for all, and not just for those who share the same point of view?

14 November, 2009

Angry Single Mom Is Shifting Gears

After a period of reflection I have decided to change gears. Being angry at evangelicals was easy enough when they were running roughshod over the American people as puppet masters to the Bush Administration. The nastiness and brought by Fox News and the newly unemployed Lou Dobbs continues to whip up the fringe right, those who believe that America is God's own holy creation, greater than even the glories of Old Testament Israel. The melting pot is simmering and may soon boil over into more violence than even the most hard core urban dweller ever feared.

I do not wish to be a part of the anger and resentment any longer. It is time to grow up and remember my responsibilities to my son, my community, and even myself.