19 June, 2011

Every Kid Deserves a Summer Vacation

As a rural dweller, I know how difficult it is to teach city folks about rural living, about the wide-open prairies, the proximity to animals, and the beauty of our pristine natural resources.

Unfortunately, many urban children can only see nature on television or in the concrete and iron confines of a local zoo. Children who don't experience the natural environment often don't understand how and why conservation of our precious natural resources affects all of us.

The Fresh Air Fund hosts inner-city children who spend their summer vacations on farms and in rural areas. The fund needs the support of volunteers, host families, and adequate funding to provide a unique and unforgettable experience for urban children.

Remember those lazy days of summer, pickup baseball games, fishing in the creek, and grilled hot dogs eaten in the shade of grandma's giant oak tree? You can share those memories with an inner-city child. Consider donating or volunteering today.